By David W. Shelton

There were very few people in the world like Billy Price Carroll, if any. She was a remarkable woman, as unique and eccentric as she was passionate and talented. As an artist, she gained global notoriety with exhibits that even caught the attention and admiration high level Chinese officials. Her portraits grace the elite halls of schools, churches, and courthouses. I don’t know if she ever had a time when she didn’t have commission — but none of that mattered to me nearly as much as this: she was my Matie.



2 Responses to She was my Matie

  1. Charles S Scott says:

    She was a remarkable woman. A point to everyone’s counter point. Her work now belongs to the ages. Not least of which was her child and grandchildren. My heart goes out to you all. Love Charles!

  2. Paul Edelstein says:

    I loved Billy Price Carroll and her work. She was an inspiration to me and I enjoyed sometimes painting her lot in Raliegh with Marjorie LIebman my teacher.
    I will never forget this remarkable spiritual artist, teacher, and super human Spirit!
    -Paul Edelstein